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2003 Centennial brings McVey Press WHERE'S MY COPY? Clyde and Roy: Cessna story COMING BY Centennial 2011

My Move back to St Louis

The book will be temporarily delayed from the family's move back to Missouri this summer.  I hope to get the entire book finished before the fall then to the printers in time for the Holiday break.

We have loved FL, but the time has come to station ourselves closer to the heartland of the lower 48 to make travel easier to Colorado, California, as well as enjoying the airshow in Wisconsin.  Schools are much better, and all three are attending

The next three years is the build up to the 100 year anniversary of Clyde and Roy's solo flight.  They will live again and I recommend all folks to hear Gary K when he is speaking, awsome stuff!  Peak as his performance at this website

I'm more than half way written in the book, but still tons of editing and illustrations to be finalized.  Also this site can be fun to share your cessna photos


 Enjoy your Fall,

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Check back here often, I'm back at the pc hammering out more chapters and editing the first half of the book.

Labor Day 2007 i'm spending at the Blue Angels show in St Louis, if you are in town