Mike McVey, Great Grandson of Clyde V Cessna

2003 Centennial brings McVey Press WHERE'S MY COPY? Clyde and Roy: Cessna story COMING BY Centennial 2011

a story of blue collar dirt farmers flying just months after wrights

By Michael McVey, September, 2007

Family Story in Novel Format in print soon...'true inspiration'

I have worked for years on learning the truth behind Clyde Cessna and his aviation empire, which included trips to the family homestead, numerous airshows to visit with elders from the Golden Years of Aviation, and read books until my appetite for Americana and entreprenurial spirit was bubbling with enthusiasm.  Now it's time to write!!!

After interviews with family members, meeting other authors, as well as simply teaching for several years, I've prepared myself and the stories personally in this 'geneographical' (blend of geneology and biography) blueprint of the Cessna boys before the 2011 anniversary.  I call it the celebration of a 'blue collar' first in flight - sod busters turned aeronautical heroes with a Walton style read, but a Michner type dialogue.

Fifth Grader Builds and Flys his Own Plane?

Most don't know much about the post civil war era, when Americans in the plains of the Midwest were fortunate to get past the elementary years; nor many understand what it was like to be born in a sod house, or just travel by ox powered, wooden wagons to new homesteads beyond the Mississippi river.  But, you will know the magical story of this quasi educated Clyde Cessna, and the travel with the Cessna family thru this inspirational tale.  He is the greatest, self taught Aviator coming out 20th century America in this exciting book for all to read.  COMING Jan. 2008 for purchase online, special copies can include teaching DVD for school teachers (historical aviation lesson plans and powerpoints targeting both vocational education as well as inspiring youths with a smattering of fun stuff for all aviation and history readers).  Clyde never started highschool, in fact, he never got thru middleschool!

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